Neutronics Wish List

  1. power density map in the core (includeing fueling and defueling chutes)
  2. heat deposition in the graphite pebbles
  3. heat depostion in the graphite blocks
  4. reactivity coefficient of coolant in the core (fuel + graphite pebble zone)
  5. reactivity coefficient of coolant in the graphite reflectors
  6. reactivity coefficient of central graphite block
  7. reactivity coefficient of outer reflector
  8. reactivity coefficient of outer reflector, first 20 cm only
  9. reactivity coefficient of graphite pebbles
  10. reactivity coefficient of graphite in fuel pebbles (you can group 9 and 10 if you want to)
  11. dose and peak in the inner and outer reflectors
  12. dose on metal component for DHX
  13. dose on metal component at the bottom of fueling chute
  14. dose on core barrell
  15. tritium generation rates  – do cross sections
  16. decay heat curve
  17. control rod worth
  18. position of shut-down rod at full insertion (explain the constraints)
  19. position of control rod at full withdrawal (explain the constraints; consider the tip)
  20. assay data (?)
  21. dose to the bottom of the reactor vessel
  22. Xenon time evolution, and reactivity insertion upon Xe decay (are there any other short lived FP neutron poisons?)


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