FHR/AHTR Articles

This page is for archival journal publications. Conference papers should be listed on the “Conferences” tab, and reports will be compiled elsewhere.

From Berkeley

  1. Forsberg, C W, Peterson, P F and Pickard, P S. “Molten-Salt-Cooled Advanced High-Temperature Reactors for the Production of Hydrogen and Electricity.” Nuclear Technology, 144, pp. 289-302 (2003).
  2. Peterson, Per F. “Multiple-Reheat Brayton Cycles for Nuclear Power Conversion with Molten Coolant.”  Nuclear Technology144, pp. 279-288. (2003).
  3. Scarlat, R O and Peterson, P F. “The Current Status of Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactor (FHR) Technology and its Overlap with HIF Target Chamber Concepts.” Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. In Press. (2013).

From other institutions



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